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Глава Gitzo Off Centre 2-ра серия - ябълковидна глава с изместване на център
Глава Gitzo Off Centre 2-ра серия - ябълковидна глава с изместване на център
599.00 лв.
Глава Gitzo Off Centre 2-ра серия - ябълковидна глава с изместване на център
Код: GH2750QR
Наличност: По поръчка
599.00 лв.
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Глава Gitzo Off Centre 2-ра серия - ябълковидна глава с изместване на център

599.00 лв.
Наличност: По поръчка
Код: GH2750QR
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The Gitzo GH2750QR Series 2 Magnesium Off Center Ball head with Quick Release is an exceptionally smooth, professional grade tripod head made of strong, lightweight, magnesium. It comes with the standard Gitzo Quick Release system for even quicker and easier camera mounting.
This offset ball head delivers flawlessly smooth performance in all situations, with positive locking for precision and safety. The panoramic lock is 3 x stronger than previous models and the ball lock features a system that combines two locking systems in one. The head’s graduated base and independent locking feature enables photographers to achieve perfect panoramic shots.
The ball’s PTFE-based anodized coating delivers smoother movement. The GH2750QR features independent ball and panning controls for precise positioning. It securely supports a payload up to 5 Kg and weighs only 550 grams and is recommended for use with Series 2 tripods.

spring assisted double lock

The new center SADL (Spring Assisted Double Lock) is a patent pending system that combines two locking systems in one, that maximizes both locking power and ball smoothness. A high friction metal guarantees a high efficiency lock, the PTFE bushing controlled by a pre-loaded spring maximises smoothness and control.

safe grip

Safe Grip is a material that gives a safer lock between your camera and the head plate, preventing the camera from moving or slipping. It is used on quick release plates and in applications where the camera equipment is screwed to the support to reduce pivoting and twisting.

separate pan control

When using a ball head, the ability to lock and unlock the panoramic movement independent of front-back or lateral tilt movements is convenient for panoramic photography and when a high level of control is required.

levelling bubble

The new leveling system made of three independent leveling bubbles on the quick release plate and one in the ball stem, always guarantee perfectly leveled images. The problem that affects many high quality heads in the market regarding drift angle is absolutely minimised with an outstanding value of 0.03°.

double quick release safety system

The system consists of two pins, one fixed and one manually operated by means of a button, that prevent camera equipment from suddenly dropping out of the head when the quick release locking knob is released. Extremely useful with heavy equipment, long lenses and spotting scopes.

friction control

By fine tuning the freedom of movement of the head, friction control makes the head slower and more precise or faster and looser. This feature also helps to make using heavy equipment or long lenses safer. On ball and fluid head models without separate friction controls, slowly adjusting the lock knobs gives similar results.

Weight 550 g
Safety Payload Weight 5 kg
Material Magnesium
Head Type Ball Head
Top Attachment 1/4″ screw
Base Diameter 60 mm
Plate Type quick release - with 1/4″ screw
Friction Control Yes
Front Tilt -180° / +180°
Lateral Tilt 0° / +90°
Panoramic Rotation 360 °
Base Type 25 mm
Ball Locking Yes
Colour Noir Decor
Easy Link No
Series 2
Independent Pan Lock Yes
Independent Tilt Lock Yes
Maximum Working Temperature 70
Minimum Working Temperature -30
Pan Bar Included No
Pan Drag NONE
Quick Release Yes
Working Height 11 cm
Tilt Drag variable (7 steps)

Максимална товароносимост5 кг
Размер на основата60 мм
Тегло0.55 кг
Гаранция24 месеца

Размер на опаковката: 12 x 12 x 12 см

Тегло с опаковката: 0.66 кг

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