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Код: DP-100
Наличност: По поръчка
889.00 лв.

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Код: DP-100 Цена
Наличност: По поръчка 889.00 лв.
Известие за наличност

Моля попълнете E-mail адрес, на който желаете да получите известие за наличност на Адаптер CINEDISKPRO DP-100 DUAL CFAST 2.0 TO SSD ADAPTER FOR URSA MINI PRO, 4K, 4.6K или телефон на който да се свържем с вас.

The DP-100 is an affordable alternative for the URSA Mini range of cameras which uses SSD media instead of CFast 2.0 cards. The maximum write speed is 550MB/s and it can support all the recording formats including Lossless Raw 4.6k onto a single SSD. Using Dual card mode, you can still take advantage with slower write speed SSD cards. The maximum capacity supported is 2 x 2TB. 

SSD is far more affordable than CFast 2.0 cards so if you have a big project or want to record in Raw then this is the perfect solution. The top loading trays for the SSD’s are easy to access and fast to swap over. The slim profile of the DP-100 will only add about 3cm of depth, a V-lock plate also sits flush behind the DP-100 so the design remains elegant and practical. 

It is a great alternative to the Blackmagic SSD recorder, as the DP-100 will not take up the back SDI ports and supports up to 2 SSD cards for both Single card and Dual card recording.


• Ergonomic design, connects directly to the back of URSA Mini, no loose cables. 
• Maximum Capacity: 4TB with x2 SSD
• Maximum write speed 550MB/s 
• Compatible with: URSA mini 4k, 4.6k, and Mini Pro 
• Aluminium CNC milled construction 
• Compaible with Cinegearpro V-lock plate adapter or LPT VBP-04. 
• DC out 14.8V socket 

Package Contents:

Kit 1
1x DP-100 Dual CFast to SSD converter
4x Mounting Screws

Гаранция: 12 месеца

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