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Код: BM226
Наличност: Наличен
1 109.00 лв.

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Blackmagic Web Presenter - конвертор на видео сигнал към USB(web cam)

Код: BM226 Цена
Наличност: Наличен 1 109.00 лв.

Специално предназначен за LIVE стрийминг с лекота, използвайки Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch.tv, Periscop, Skype и т.н. Чрез този конвертор вие имате възможност за лесно и висококачествен видео стрийминг от всяка камера с HDMI или SDI.  Единственото което е необходимо е нужно да имате USB порт на вашия лаптоп или десктоп комютър и да изберете желаната резолюция! Може да вържете всяка камера с SDI или HDMI изход(например BlackMagic Micro Studio, Canon LegriaPanasonic G80 или FZ2000 )и да имате професионално качество на картината. WEB Presenter има и XLR линеен вход за професионален микрофон(например Audio-Technica A875R )чрез който качествената картина ще бъде допълнена и от качествен звук. Не е необходимо да се инсталират специални драйвери, устройството се разпознава като WEB camera. Възможност за връзване на две камери, една ',ep SDI, друга чрез HDMI и превключване между двете.
В допълнение към WEB Presenter, за по-лесна работа може да добавите  Teranex Mini Smart Panel (дисплей и контролни бутони) .

SDI Видео вход - 1
SDI видео изход - 1 Program out, 1 Loop put
SDI - 1.5G, 3G, 6G, 12G
12G-SDI - 1 BNC вход, 1 BNC Loop out, 1 BNC монитор(двуканален мониторинг на аудиото)
HDMI Видео вход - 1
HDMI Видео изход - 1 Loop out
Аудио аналогови входове - 1 XLR mic и line, 2 RCA чинчове
HDMI 2.0 - 1 Вход, 1 Loop out
USB 2.0 - Tybe B
Mini USB - 1 брой за сервизни нужди

Гаранция: 24 месеца от датата на покупка.


Designed for Internet Broadcasting

The easiest way to stream to your favorite websites or services!

Blackmagic Web Presenter is the fastest and easiest way to get live video directly onto the web for a new generation of web broadcasting. Plus you don’t need to buy expensive and hard to setup streaming encoders! Simply connect video sources such as a professional SDI camera or an HDMI source like a consumer camera or computer into Blackmagic Web Presenter then connect it to your computer’s USB port! That’s all you need to do! Blackmagic Web Presenter will work with any software that supports video from a webcam because it tricks your computer into thinking the SDI or HDMI device is a webcam! Now you can use popular software such as Open Broadcaster or XSplit Broadcaster to live stream your broadcasts and events! Best of all, you don’t need any drivers or extra software!

Professional Quality Streaming

Now you can turn any live production into a global broadcast!

Teranex Quality Conversions

Stream incredibly clean video from any source!

Blackmagic Web Presenter has Teranex conversion technology built in that provides you with incredibly clean looking web video from any source. You can use any SD, HD or Ultra HD source up to 2160p60. Blackmagic Web Presenter takes the incoming HD or Ultra HD input signal and automatically converts it to high quality, low data rate 720p HD, which is sent to your computer via USB for streaming. 720p is the ideal format for streaming because it is HD resolution, has a 16:9 aspect ratio and also generates the lowest data rate, making streaming over the internet extremely easy while retaining incredible quality. If the streaming software detects a slow internet connection, it can send a command to Blackmagic Web Presenter to reduce frame rates to 720p20, 720p15, 720p10 or 720p5!

Compatible Software

Works instantly with all popular streaming software!

Blackmagic Web Presenter lets you stream high quality video through your favorite software and websites such as Skype, YouTube Live, Facebook Live and more! Any webcam compatible software will be able to capture video and audio from your connected devices without the need for additional drivers. With Blackmagic Web Presenter, you can use the popular software you love and get higher quality, perfectly synced audio and video that’s far better than a simple webcam! This is possible because all video software is generally tested on webcams built into computers, however Blackmagic Web Presenter tricks these software tools into thinking its also a simple webcam, but delivers dramatically higher video quality.

Optional Live Production Switcher

Professional, broadcast quality 2 input switcher with transitions and more!

The optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel turns your Blackmagic Web Presenter into a professional, broadcast quality 2 input live production switcher! The panel adds push button controls, an LCD screen and spin knob that lets you quickly cut between sources. You can have a presenter on an SDI camera and a slide show on an HDMI computer, then switch between them, complete with smooth professional looking dissolves! You can even preview video and monitor audio levels on the built in LCD screen before going live with your web broadcast!

Advanced TechnologyAdvanced Technology

No Drivers Required!

Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook computers!

Blackmagic Web Presenter is a standard UVC and UAC compatible USB video device so you don’t need any drivers. Just plug it into your Mac, Windows, Linux or even Chromebook computer. The computer will think that it’s just a standard webcam, however your production quality will be far superior because Blackmagic Web Presenter works with your SDI and HDMI devices such as professional cameras, computers, switchers and even game consoles! It’s like getting a broadcast quality webcam and so much more!

Advanced Technology

Advanced Connections

Connect virtually any SDI or HDMI camera!

Blackmagic Web Presenter includes 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 inputs with support for all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. An HDMI loop out lets you insert Web Presenter between your computer and a video projector, and an SDI output is included for master recording the output of the switcher. The SDI program output, which is not down converted to 720p, can be used to record a full resolution master. You also get balanced XLR audio inputs for connecting professional microphones, along with RCA HiFi inputs for connecting iPods and other audio sources so you can add music or computer audio to your program!



Keep it on your desk, stow it in a rack or take it on the go!

Blackmagic Web Presenter is based on the modular Teranex Mini design so it looks good on a desktop, but it can also be rack mounted or easily hidden. Its extremely portable 5.5 inch wide by 1.5 inch height makes Blackmagic Web Presenter perfect for mounting alongside other equipment using the optional Teranex Mini Rack Shelf. You can fit 3 of them side by side in a single rack space, or combine Blackmagic Web Presenter with other products such as Teranex Mini converters, HyperDeck Studio Mini recorders and even an ATEM Television Studio HD switcher! Blackmagic Web Presenter also features a built in power supply so you don’t have to carry around extra power bricks and cables!


Mix and match different video sources with glitch free switching!

Blackmagic Web Presenter features automatic frame resynchronization on the HDMI input so you can work with multiple sources and automatically synchronize them to ensure perfect, glitch free switching. This powerful and advanced feature lets you transition between sources cleanly, as long as they are running at the same frame rates and resolution. With Blackmagic Web Presenter, your transitions will always be smooth and your final output will look amazingly professional!



Гаранция: 24 месеца

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