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Код: F1112110101
Наличност: Наличен
1 009.00 лв.
749.00 лв.
Промоцията е валидна до: 31.07.2020г.

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3 месеца262.30 лв.34.63%
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36 месеца28.31 лв.23.43%
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ГЛП: 30,04%
Обектив Samyang 12mm F2.8 ED AS NCS FISH-EYE за Fujifilm X

Код: F1112110101 Цена
Наличност: Наличен 1 009.00 лв.
749.00 лв.
Промоцията е валидна до: 31.07.2020г.

Обектив SAMYANG 12mm F2.8  ED AS NCS FISH-EYE за Fujifilm X байонет

Manual Focus Fisheye Cine Lens

Samyang Optics 12mm F2.8 ED AS NCS Fish-eye is a manual focus fisheye lens designed for full frame sensor sizes. This portable lens realizes various images both in long and short distance shooting. 

Optical Features

Samyang 12mm F2.8 ED AS NCS Fish-eye is a manual focus lens with a low F number. You may control the lens precisely when shooting under various exposure environment including relatively dark or too bright situations. This lens features 12 lenses in 8 groups including 2 glass aspherical lens (ASP), and 3 extra low dispersion lens (ED) to offer high resolution. Also Nano Coating System (NCS) of Samyang Optics is used to optimize the light penetration and minimizes flare and ghost. With such optical construction, it has 0.2m of minimum focal length to film subjects in near distance. 
Stereoscopic projection optical design delivers soft and stabilized fish-eye distortion effect.

Hardware Features

There are 7 aperture blades designed to be almost as a full circle when aperture is closed which expresses starlike ray clearly and beautifully. The frame of the lens is compact and solid since it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy so you can create trustworthy images. Also, detachable petal-shaped lens hood minimizes flare and ghost by sheltering lens from unnecessary lights. 
Available for 10 camera mounts: Canon, Canon M, Nikon AE, Pentax, Sony ∝, Sony E, Fujifilm X, Samsung NX, Four-Thirds, MFT.

Байонет: Fujifilm X
Брой ламели: 7
Зрителен ъгъл: 124.6° APS-C
Максимално затворена бленда: f/22
Максимално отворена бленда: f/2.8
Минимално фокусно разстояние: 0.20 м
Оптична схема: 12 елемента в 8 групи
Покрива сензор: 35mm(Full frame)
Предназначение на обектива: Фото обектив
Размери на обектива (Диаметър х Дължина) : 77.3 x 99 мм
Сенник: Да свалящ се
Тип обектив според фокусно разстояние: Фиш-ай Ръчнофокусен обектив
Фокусно разстояние: 12mm

Гаранция: 24 месеца

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