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Код: A046SF
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Обектив Tamron AF 17-28mm f2.8 Di III RXD за Sony E-mount

Код: A046SF Цена
Наличност: Preorder 2 049.00 лв.
1 899.00 лв.
Промоцията е валидна до: 31.12.2021г.
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Всеки закупен обектив ще бъде допълнен с подарък от нас - UV филтър Hoya! Не важи за фиш-ай обективи, обективи на които не може да се слага филтър(например 14mm) или с диаметър под 40.5 и над 82mm

17-28mm f / 2.8 Di III RXD от Tamron е универсален широкоъгален обектив за пълноформатни Sony E-mount безогледални камери. Покривайки ултрашироки до широки фокусни разстояния, този обектив е особено подходящ за пейзажни, астрофотографски и архитектурни снимки. Със светлосила f / 2.8 постоянна максимална бленда  осигурява по-голям контрол над дълбочината на рязкост, заедно с подобрената работа при слаба светлина. Оптичният дизайн включва, както XLD, така и LD елементи, които произвеждат силно коригирано изображение с намалени хроматични аберации и цветни ресни за подобрена яснота и точност на цветовете. Отделните елементи също имат покритие на Tamron BBAR. Освен това, добавяйки към гъвкавостта, стъпков мотор RXD дава възможност за бърз, почти безшумен автофокус, която да отговаря на снимки и видео, заедно с пълно пренастройване на ръчното фокусиране и минимално разстояние на фокусиране от 7.5 инча. Той също така притежава влагоустойчива конструкция заедно с флуориран предна леща за защита срещу отпечатъци и зацапване.


1. Companion model to the compact, popular Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD (Model A036) zoom

Sharing the same development concept as the highly esteemed Model A036 that launched in May 2018, the 17-28mm zoom (Model A046) was designed with the top priority of high optical performance in a form factor that is light and compact. Tamron engineers have achieved an unrivalled small size (99mm / 3.9 in) and light weight (420g / 14.8 oz) for a zoom range of 17-28mm. The overall length does not change when zoomed or during focus, thereby creating stable, well balanced operation and excellent mobility. In addition, Model A046 features a filter diameter of just 67mm, very small for an ultra wide-angle zoom lens. It has the same filter size as its sister lens the Model A036 allowing the use of the same lens cap and filters. The two zooms together create an extremely compact system that covers 17 to 75mm and weighs less than 1kg (35.3 oz).

  1. 2. Superb high resolution performance

    The 17-28mm zoom’s optical design consists of 13 lenses in 11 groups, including three aspherical lens elements, two LD (Low Dispersion) lens elements and one XLD (eXtra Low Dispersion) lens element that has properties close to those of fluorite. Together they efficiently suppress chromatic and other aberrations. Additionally, Tamron’s legendary BBAR (Broad-Brand Anti-Reflection) Coating effectively reduces ghosting and flare. Leveraging camera functions*, it provides excellent optical performance matching the latest high resolution image sensors from edge-to-edge throughout the entire zoom range. The combination of compact size and light weight plus high resolution performance lets users capture a wide variety of genre including landscapes, architecture and casual snapshot photography.
    *When shooting with the camera’s lens correction function enabled.

  2. 3. Extreme close-up capability enables versatile creative expression with ultra wide-angle zoom

    The 17-28mm zoom focuses close. The MOD at the 17mm wide position is 0.19m / 7.5 in (same as Model A036) and the maximum magnification ratio is 1:5.2. At the 28mm end, it achieves the maximum magnification ratio of 1:6 while reaching the MOD of 0.26m / 10.2 in This remarkable performance allows users to create compositions that emphasize perspective (the closer subject is larger and the more distant one is smaller) and that are unique to wide-angle lenses.

  3. 4. The RXD stepping motor unit is exceptionally quiet

    The AF drive incorporates a sensor that accurately detects the position of the lens while the RXD motor unit delivers optimized AF control. This achieves very fast and accurate autofocus operation, allowing users to maintain pin-sharp focus on continually moving subjects or when filming video. The exceedingly quiet operation is an important advantage because it virtually eliminates extraneous sounds during video recording. In addition, the compact configuration of the RXD AF drive system contributes to the unprecedented size and weight reduction.

  4. 5. Moisture-Resistant Construction and Fluorine Coating

    Environmental seals are located at the lens mount area and other critical locations to prevent infiltration of moisture and/or rain drops and afford Moisture-Resistant construction. This feature provides an additional layer of protection when shooting outdoors under adverse weather conditions. Also, the front surface of the lens element is coated with a protective fluorine compound that has excellent water- and oil-repellant qualities. The lens surface is easier to wipe clean and is less vulnerable to the damaging effects of dirt, moisture or oily fingerprints, allowing for much easier maintenance.

  5. 6. Consistent design and operation throughout all Tamron lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras

    Similar to the 28-75mm (Model A036), the 17-28mm (Model A046) has a zoom ring at the front and a focus ring at the rear. Zooming, focusing and other functions are identical in this series to ensure consistent operation. The design is not only beautiful, it is functional as well and features an outer housing hugging the smooth contours of the lens body, deftly worked Luminous Gold brand ring and the precise, rigid metal lens mount. The Luminous Gold brand ring solidifies the characteristic look of a Tamron-branded lens whether on its own or attached to a camera body.

  6. 7. Versatile, exciting combination when paired with the 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD (Model A036)

    Two high-performance partners, the 17-28mm combined with the 28-75mm, cover the super-broad range from 17mm ultra wide-angle to 75mm medium telephoto, and maintain excellent speed with an open aperture of F/2.8. The total weight of the two lenses is 970g (34.2 oz), less than 1kg. This compact but potent combo makes the most of the mobility of mirrorless cameras. In addition, both models have a filter diameter of 67mm, so the same filters such as PL (Polarizer) and ND (Neutral Density) may be used with both models, and lens caps are interchangeable.

  7. 8. Compatible with main camera-specific features and functions

    Tamron’s new 17-28mm zoom is compatible with many of the advanced features that are specific to certain mirrorless cameras. This includes the following:
    - Fast Hybrid AF
    - Eye AF
    - Direct Manual Focus (DMF)
    - In-camera lens correction (shading, chromatic aberration, distortion)
    - Camera-based lens unit firmware updates
    * Features vary by camera. Please consult your camera’s instruction manual for deta

Брой ламели9
Максимално затворена блендаf/22
Минимално фокусно разстояние0.19 м
Оптична схема13 елемента в 11 групи
Размери на обектива (Диаметър х Дължина) 99 x 73 мм
Резба за филтър67 мм
Съвместимо сSony
Тегло0.420 кг
Покрива сензор35mm(Full frame)
Максимално отворена блендаf/2.8
БайонетSony E
Зрителен ъгъл103-75°
Предназначение на обективаФото обектив
Гаранция60 месеца

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