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Код: BW-1070066
Наличност: По поръчка
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Филтър B+W F-Pro 010 UV Haze Filter MRC 122mm

Код: BW-1070066 Цена
Наличност: По поръчка 459.00 лв.
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Key features:

  • 122mm Front Filter Thread
  • Clear Protective Filter
  • F-Pro Brass Filter Ring
  • Absorbs Ultraviolet Light
  • MRC Multi-Resistant Coating
  • Reduces Bluish Cast of Daylight
  • 1x Filter Factor, No Exposure Change
  • Schott Glass Construction
  • Part Number BW-1070066

Product Features in Detail:

Schneider’s Proprietary MRC Coating
MRC refers to the unique Multi Resistant Coating developed by Schneider-Kreuznach, which comes as standard on B+W XS-Pro Digital Filters. It provides perfect anti-reflection, brilliant colors and high contrast. Only Schneider lenses and B+W filters are protected by this extremely resistant multi-layer broadband coating (eight layers on both sides). In addition, the scratch-resistant, water- and dirt- repellent outer layer makes it easier to clean the glass surface. Due to its low residual reflection (0.5%) MRC prevents ghosting or double images, which can be caused by return reflections from sensors.

Multi-Resistant Coating (MRC) with Nano Technology
The nano coating is an outer layer of protection that comes standard with all F-Pro 007 Clear MRC filters. The nanotechnology based characteristic (lotus effect) produces a better beading effect with water making the cleaning of this filter even simpler and faster than ever before. MRC nano has an improved outer (8th) layer over regular MRC.

Front Threads
B+W XS-Pro Digital Filters have front threads for mounting additional accessories such as filters, screw on shades and lens covers. These filter rings are made of brass and are matt black to prevent reflections. 

B+W protection filters
The classic amongst the B+W protection filters blocks the annoying UV component of daylight. Invisible UV light is more intense in pure sea air and in high mountain regions and can cause blurring and a blueish cast. The color-neutral B+W F-Pro 007 Clear MRC filter is equally suitable for both analog and digital cameras. It ensures more brilliant images and can remain on the lens permanently as front lens protection.

  • Type:UV/Haze Filter
  • Filter Size:122 mm
  • Filter Factor:1 (0 stop)
  • Multi-Coated:Yes
  • Color Temperature:Does not affect color
  • Effect:Protection to the camera lens
  • Construction:Schott glass

Included in the Box:

     B+W F-Pro 010 UV-Haze Filter MRC 122mm

Размер: 19x15.88x7.75 см

Опаковка: Филтър B+W F-Pro 010 UV Haze Filter MRC 122mm