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Код: ARM-T03
Наличност: Изчерпана наличност
Обикновено се доставя за 25 дни
6 599.00 лв.

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ГЛП: 30,04%
Професионална жилетка TILTA Armor Man 3.0

Код: ARM-T03 Цена
Наличност: Изчерпана наличност
Обикновено се доставя за 25 дни
6 599.00 лв.
Известие за наличност

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Armor Man III uses a quick release system that makes it compatible with any of the large full-sized gimbals such as the DJI Ronin 2, Movi Pro, Tilta Gravity and ARRI Maxima.

So what is new?

Tilta Armor Man III

The Armor Man III features new dual-function shock absorbing arms. In a nice touch, Tilta has designed it so that the arms can be positioned above your shoulders, or moved to a side position that bows out from your arms. This should allow a fair degree of movement and flexibility for camera operators.

Tilta Armor Man III

Unlike Armor Man II, the vest on the Armor Man III no longer features the arm connections on the back. Instead Tilta has added a triangular lever attachment that allows you to adjust the range and movement of the arms.

Tilta Armor Man III

Armor man III has a payload capacity of 25kg (55lb).

Tilta Armor Man III

The padding and design of the Armor Man III looks to be an improvement over the previous version.

Tilta Armor Man III

Using an exoskeleton certainly does make holding a high payload gimbal a lot easier, but the caveat is that the range of motion you can achieve when wearing one is limited.

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