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Код: 101130
Наличност: По поръчка
599.00 лв.

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Profoto OCF Adapter за ръчни светкавици

Код: 101130 Цена
Наличност: По поръчка 599.00 лв.
Известие за наличност

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With the OCF Adapter you will have full creative flexibility with your Profoto A-series flash. The new adapter makes it possible for you to attach any of our wide range of OCF Light Shaping Tools, making it easy for you to shape the light in any way you desire.

Simply attach the adapter to your A-Series flash, add the modifier of your choice, and you are ready to start creating. Attach an OCF Softbox for a soft light, bring out the beauty in your model by using the OCF Beauty Dish or use the OCF Magnum Reflector to add maximum power.


  • Sturdy and user friendly design.
  • Compatible with all OCF light shaping tools.
  • Fits with any type of Profoto A-series flash.
  • Easy to bring, mount and use.
  • Integrated umbrella mount.
  • Stand adapter included.

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