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Snoot for Zoom Reflector

Код: 100651 Цена
Наличност: По поръчка
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335.00 лв.
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The Snoot is a light modifier that is used with a Zoom Reflector to drastically reduce the light spread. The effect is a crisp and direct light with almost no spill light. The light has a beautiful, round shape which can be used as hair light or any other application when only a small area needs to be illuminated.

Use the Grid and Filter Holder to attach the Snoot to your Zoom Reflector, and voilà, you have a powerful spot at your disposal. Many photographers use it to create striking highlights in their portraits or for product photographs with meticulous details.

Important to note:
The Snoot cannot be mounted directly onto the Zoom Reflector. A Grid and Filter Holder is required.


  • Narrows the light and creates a crisp, direct light.
  • Creates a perfect circular shape of light.
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Used with the standard Zoom Reflector, a Grid and Filter Holder is required.

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