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Код: 900-4014
Наличност: По поръчка
3 919.00 лв.
truck-icon Безплатна доставка до офис на Еконт за поръчки над 100 лв.

Litepanels Apollo Bridge DMX System

3 919.00 лв.
truck-icon Безплатна доставка до офис на Еконт за поръчки над 100 лв.
Наличност: По поръчка
Код: 900-4014
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Ultimate lighting control in the palm of your hand

Precision control from the palm of your hand with the industry’s most powerful and reliable wireless DMX system. The Apollo Bridge uses dynamic frequency hopping technology to create a robust wireless DMX network in an instant. Optimized for use with Litepanels Gemini, Apollo is designed to work with a wider range of lighting fixtures than any other system, giving you complete choice and control.

Complete wireless DMX control in an instant

When time and resources are short, Apollo delivers fast and stable wireless DMX control, configured and running in minutes. Change lighting settings, DMX addresses and control modes on the fly for precision lighting control not previously possible on time-short productions.

Ultra-reliable connectivity with instant response

No interruptions and no fixture drop-offs. Move around large sets freely knowing you’re always connected to your lighting and in control. Built-in dynamic RF transmission automatically avoids network interference and creates a signal level you can depend on with no latency. For total wireless control, run the Apollo bridge and lighting directly from batteries and control everything - with instant response - from your phone or tablet.

Control your creative vision via app or console

Artistic control of lighting comes naturally with the Apollo Control app. Simple enough to pick up and start painting with light immediately, and advanced enough to create multiple, complex lighting setups, the Apollo Control app is the fastest wireless system to realize your creative vision. For console users Apollo Bridge acts as a multi-language protocol router, enabling wired and wireless DMX control of every fixture.

Universal compatibility, infinite scalability

Apollo operates any fixture with a DMX input. Run just one system and centralize control of your lighting, with no compromise on which lights you choose to use. Compatible with DMX, sACN, Art-Net, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Apollo Bridge can receive and translate a range of wired and wireless protocols ensuring seamless communication whatever your equipment. Integrate any DMX fixture into even the most data-heavy productions. Add multiple Apollo bridges to provide control to as many lights and universes as you need perfect for even the largest productions.

Networked control for remote installs

Connect Apollo Bridge over IP to a console or control software anywhere in the world. With in-built WAN port, Apollo enables simple customisation of all network configurations through a secure web client. Remotely operate any lighting setup from any location, to maintain creative control with total flexibility.

Apollo Bridge


  • Reliable, responsive long-range wireless with dual band Wi-Fi.
  • Compatible with any DMX Lighting device or controller.
  • Industry leading wireless DMX technology.
  • Translates between multiple lighting communication protocols.
  • Able to convert sACN and Art-Net to DMX 512.
  • Multiple connector ports for wired DMX distribution.
  • Easily configure network settings from a mobile device.
  • Add multiple Apollo Bridges to expand your lighting network.
  • ¼ 20” thread for easy rigging / mounting.
  • USB-C power connector for simple battery attachment.

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