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Наличност: Наличен
2 008.00 лв.
Спести: 759.00 лв.
1 249.00 лв.
Промоцията е валидна до: 28.11.2021г.

BF21 Manfrotto MVK504XTWINGA видео статив с глава 504X + видео чанта Manfrotto CC-195N

Наличност: Наличен 2 008.00 лв.
Спести: 759.00 лв.
1 249.00 лв.
Промоцията е валидна до: 28.11.2021г.

  • Fluid video head with 4-step counterbalance system up to 6.5 kg.
  • Maximum versatility thanks to flat base
  • Aluminum twin leg tripod with 2 risers
  • Side lock plate and two 3/8'' easy link connectors for accessories
  • Adjustable ground spreader for extra stability and versatility
  • Counterbalance Weight - 2.2, 4.4, 6.5 kg
    Front Tilt - -70° / +90°
    Base Diameter - 75 mm

This video system includes the Manfrotto 504X Fluid Video Head and the MVTTWINGA aluminium twin leg with ground spreader tripod.

The Manfrotto 504X fluid video head with flat base features the new Manfrotto fluid technology which allows smoother operation and unrivalled stability in both pan and tilt movements. It presents a 4-step counterbalance system that can take loads of up to 6.5 kg at 55 mm C.O.G.

The head is made from a brand-new catching aluminium design and has a maximum payload of 12 kg.

It is a compact and light head with a flat base (base diameter 75 mm), that lets you choose from a wide variety of different shooting options. It also features two 3/8” Easy Link connectors, equipped with an anti-rotation function that enables the fitting of external monitors or other accessories. A cap fits over the easy link, to avoid cutting during use. The sliding plate attachment and side-lock mechanism allows safe, quick and easy camera attachment.

The head attaches to the tripod via a dedicated 75mm half ball.

The MVTTWINGA aluminium twin leg with ground spreader video tripod is a professional-quality tripod with a two-stage, rigid and stable design making it ideal for all kinds of assignments. If you want to create professional level videos or films, then this is the must-have tripod. It features an aluminum casting 100 mm bowl and it comes with an aluminum adapter that converts the bowl into a 75 mm.

The tripod has ground level spreader with telescopic arms that helps you to set leg angles accurately. It is also detachable, allowing the usage of the tripod also in combination with the middle spreader Manfrotto 537SPRB and rubber shoes 565 which are sold separately.

Leg locks are secure and reliable and twin spiked feet are provided for external use, e.g. in the grass. For maximum versatility, the tripod can be used with various dollies (114MV and 181B).

Supplied with its own padded carrying bag.

ВидВидеостатив комплект
Диаметър на чашката75 мм
Дължина в сгънато състояние860 мм
Максимална височина (с извадена колона)1750 мм
Максимална товароносимост12 кг
Минимална височина490 мм
Пристягане на секциитеЩипки
Тегло5.85 кг
Тип кракаДвутръбни
Гаранция24 месеца
СХЕМА НА ИЗПЛАЩАНЕ credit-uniUniCredit
6 месеца221.39 лв.23.71%
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ГЛП: 30,04%