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Пантограф за релсова система Manfrotto Top 2C - 2 м
Пантограф за релсова система Manfrotto Top 2C - 2 м
1 049.00 лв.
Пантограф за релсова система Manfrotto Top 2C - 2 м
Код: FF3512N86
Наличност: Изчерпана наличност
1 049.00 лв.
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Пантограф за релсова система Manfrotto Top 2C - 2 м

1 049.00 лв.
Наличност: Изчерпана наличност
Код: FF3512N86
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  • For use with Sky Track System to suspend lights from above
  • Pantograph supports up to 12 kg, 18 kg with optional springs
  • Comes with 16mm attachments at both ends
  • Secured by 2mm steel cable with a safety factor of 12
  • Constructed from lightweight aluminium
  • Support your studio lighting with great security and ease with the Pantograph Top 2C with Wire Cable. Designed to be used with the intuitive and space-saving Sky Track System, this pantograph lets you light your studio space from above.

    Keep your studio floor clear with this handy pantograph that can handle a maximum payload of up to 12kg using the patented friction device, and up to an impressive 18kg using optional springs (sold separately). Made with lightweight and durable aluminium, it weighs 7.3kg and has a closed length of 38cm, making it easy to tuck-away while not in use. Able to extend to a maximum length of 380cm, this pantograph is supported by a steel cable with a 2mm diameter and has a safety factor of 12. Regulated to keep its suspended loads perfectly balanced, your lights will remain stable and secure while mounted. To easily adjust the pantograph friction, simply turn the coloured notch ring to ensure a tight hold.

    Perfect for studio photographers looking to free-up studio space and add a professional touch to their environment, this clever pantograph will take your Sky Track System to the next level. Made in Italy with the highest standards of quality, this pantograph is made to withstand the tests of time and keep your gear secure during its long lifespan.

    Perfect for supporting led lights, flash and strobe lights for photography and video lighting.


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Тегло- 4.7kg

Top Attachment - 5/8″ (16mm) socket

Товароносимост - 12 kg

Attachment (Bottom) - 5/8″ (16mm) stud

Colour - Black

Миксимална дължина - 200 cm

Минимална дължина - 27 cm

Широчина - 15 cm

Гаранция60 месеца

Тегло с опаковката: 6.60 кг

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