• Wooden Camera V-Mount (Dual D-Tap)

    Wooden Camera V-Mount (Dual D-Tap)

    Code: WC-191300
    Availability: Preorder

    Wooden Camera brand V-Mount plate utilizing an IDX V-Mount. Plate provides unregulated 12V power (12-16V depending on battery connected) through 2x D-Taps on...

    Price 135.89 EUR excl VAT

  • Wooden Camera Pro V-Mount (3x D-Tap)

    Wooden Camera Pro V-Mount (3x D-Tap)

    Code: WC-257800
    Availability: Delivered by order

    Wooden Camera brand Pro V-Mount plate is a metal power plate, created in partnership with Anton Bauer, and has a rugged aluminum body for durability and secure...

    Price 195.53 EUR excl VAT