• Profoto Barndoor for Zoom Reflector

    Profoto Barndoor for Zoom Reflector

    Code: 100671
    Availability: Delivered by order

    Barndoors are great for flagging off light and to control the light spread precisely without changing the light characteristics.

    Price 250.91 EUR excl VAT

  • Profoto OCF II Barndoor

    Profoto OCF II Barndoor

    Code: 101127
    Availability: Delivered by order

    The OCF Barndoor is a compact and portable light shaping, they are part of the new OCF II system of accessories from the Profoto range.

    Price 174.23 EUR excl VAT

  • Barndoor Profoto Clic

    Barndoor Profoto Clic

    Code: 101306
    Availability: Available on stock

    Clic Grid reduces the light spread, controls stray light, and adds contrast and drama to the final image.

    Price 71.99 EUR excl VAT