Spotlight modifiers

  • Profoto Fresnel Small

    Profoto Fresnel Small

    Code: 100719
    Availability: Expected delivery

    This medium-sized Fresnel lens soaks your scenes in cinematic light that mimics the sun. The Fresnel Small gives you a crisp, clean light beam and with the...

    Price 1 328.69 EUR excl VAT

  • Profoto Stand Adapter Pro

    Profoto Stand Adapter Pro

    Code: 100760
    Availability: Expected delivery

    A stand adapter and umbrella holder for the Pro-D3 and Fresnel Small.

    Price 125.67 EUR excl VAT

  • Snoot for Zoom Reflector

    Snoot for Zoom Reflector

    Code: 100651
    Availability: Delivered by order

    The Snoot is a light modifier that is used with a Zoom Reflector to drastically reduce the light spread.

    Price 178.49 EUR excl VAT

  • Profoto OCF II Snoot

    Profoto OCF II Snoot

    Code: 101128
    Availability: Available on stock

    OCF II Snoot is compact spot attachment without optical components it can be used in combination with OCF II Grid Kit.

    Price 87.33 EUR excl VAT

  • Profoto ProFresnel Spot

    Profoto ProFresnel Spot

    Code: 100706
    Availability: Delivered by order

    The ProFresnel Spot is a huge Fresnel lens that can be mounted directly onto any Profoto head.

    Price 2 427.77 EUR excl VAT