• Joby Spin

    Joby Spin

    Code: JB01641-BWW
    Availability: Available on stock

    A pocket-sized powerhouse that connects to your phone via Bluetooth to create dynamic motion timelapses, b-roll videos, and superb stills

    Price 84.77 EUR excl VAT

  • Joby Swing Smartphone Slider

    Joby Swing Smartphone Slider

    Code: JB01642-BWW
    Availability: Available on stock

    Creative freedom with Joby Swing Smartphone Slider, a portable motion control device: the only Bluetooth electronic slider you’ll ever need for your phone

    Price 116.72 EUR excl VAT

  • Joby Swing Phone Mount Kit

    Joby Swing Phone Mount Kit

    Code: JB01662-BWW
    Availability: Available on stock

    This portable slider smartphone mount includes the Swing Bluetooth electronic slider paired with a BallHead and phone mount.

    Price 140.58 EUR excl VAT

  • Joby Swing Complete Kit

    Joby Swing Complete Kit

    Code: JB01663-BWW
    Availability: Available on stock

    Your all-in-one grab-and-go kit for the Swing: the bluetooth enabled, electronic portable smartphone slider kit that looks nothing like a slider!

    Price 166.14 EUR excl VAT

  • Joby Spin Phone Mount Kit

    Joby Spin Phone Mount Kit

    Code: JB01664-BWW
    Availability: Available on stock

    Kitted with a phone mount for your convenience, create incredible smartphone content with Spin’s easy-to-use and effective motion control.

    Price 91.59 EUR excl VAT