Spotlight modifiers

  • Non-optical snoot

    Non-optical snoot

    Code: 30201
    Availability: Available on stock

    Non-optical snoot. Reduced the light beam. Mainly used for creating light effects on a small area.

    Price 29.39 EUR excl VAT

  • Spot-fresnel


    Code: 30309
    Availability: Delivered by order

    Spot-fresnel is designed to be used with both strobe and continuous light up to 2000W.

    Price 191.27 EUR excl VAT

  • Non optical snoot Sprite

    Non optical snoot Sprite

    Code: 600024
    Availability: Out of stock

    Non-optical is a good choice for background effects, back (hair) light and lighting accents in product photography.

    Price 9.37 EUR excl VAT

  • Optical spot

    Optical spot

    Code: 30308
    Availability: Out of stock

    Optical snoot with manual focus adjusts. Two lens and filter holder. Kit includes also: 4 shapes filters 5 color filters 5 sizes of light spot filter holder

    Price 174.23 EUR excl VAT

  • Pro Optical spot

    Pro Optical spot

    Code: 600028
    Availability: Out of stock

    Professional conical snoot SN-29, can shape creative light and shadow, universal for your studio strobe light and LED video light, making your photography more...

    Price 276.47 EUR excl VAT