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Pocket flash GODOX V1O for Olympus/Panasonic
Pocket flash GODOX V1O for Olympus/Panasonic
221.09 EUR excl VAT
Pocket flash GODOX V1O for Olympus/Panasonic
Code: 157692
Availability: Available on stock
221.09 EUR excl VAT
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Pocket flash GODOX V1O for Olympus/Panasonic

221.09 EUR excl VAT
Availability: Available on stock
Code: 157692

Key features of GODOX V1:

  • Round head, gives light with a soft overflow that makes the light more natural and beautiful.
  • Magnetic round flash head allowing easy mounting of various accessories.
  • Flash Power: 75Ws
  • Uses an advanced Li-Ion battery VB26 (18650 type) for speedy recycle and longer life.
  • Full power recycle time of fewer than 1.2 seconds.
  • Approximately 480 full power flashes per charge
  • Complete compatibility with TTL system features like exposure compensation, EXIF inscription, flash value lock, and High Speed Sync
  • Control of 4 different wireless groups
  • Multipurpose Buttons with Digital Marking for Faster Navigation
  • High Speed Sync for shutter speeds up to 1/8000 second
  • Front or Rear Curtain Sync
  • Laser AF Assist Lamp For Instant Autofocus Even In Complete Dark On Low ContrastSurfaces
  • SMD LED Modeling Lamp
  • Stable color temperature at 5600±200K over the entire power range
  • 0 to 270° horizontally (180° in any direction) and 7° to 120° verically


Technical parameters:

Lithium-ion polymer powered camera flash
Flash Power: 75Ws
Power adjustment: 1/256 - 1/1 in 0.1 or 1 stop increments
Manual zoom: 28-105 mm
Flash Mode: TTL Functions include TTL Autoflash, Manual Flash, 1/8000s High-Speed Sync, Flash Exposure Compensation, Flash Exposure Lock, Second Curtain Sync, Modeling Flash, etc. HSS, Front Curtain Sync, Rear Curtain Sync, Multi Flash
High Speed Sync Triggering: Provided up to 1/8000 sec. according to the camera
Modelling light: Yes
Power Supply: Lithium-ion battery pack VB26 (18650 type)
Battery capacity: 7.2V, 2.6Ah 18,72Wh 2900 mAh
Full power flashes: approx. 480
Recycle Time at Full power: < 1.2 sec.

Energy75 WS
Size197 x 93 x 76 mm
Warranty36 months

Flash, Battery Li-Ion VB26, Battery Charger, USB cable (Type C)

Package size: 10 x 21 x 21 cm

Package weight: 0.98 kg