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SmallRig RA-BD08 8-leaf Barndoors 4204
SmallRig RA-BD08 8-leaf Barndoors 4204
78.81 EUR excl VAT
SmallRig RA-BD08 8-leaf Barndoors 4204
Code: SR-4204
Availability: Available on stock
78.81 EUR excl VAT
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SmallRig RA-BD08 8-leaf Barndoors 4204

78.81 EUR excl VAT
Availability: Available on stock
Code: SR-4204

1. Highly compatible with most lights

  • Bowens mount ring adapter for all Bowens mount lights on the market
  • Supports 95% of 18cm standard reflectors available

2. Prevents light spill

  • Longer and wider leaves effectively cut the beam to prevent spilling light
  • Increased leaves better control and shape the light output. Meets your needs under different scenarios. Accurately adjustable for large-area lighting or local lighting
  • Axis damping allows leaves to flip smoothly and stop where you want them to

3. Includes various accessories for creative multiple-scene use

  • The leaves together with color gel allow RGB lighting effect and prevent the beam from spilling. Spread the 4 leaves 180° flat, and the color gel alone can achieve an RGB lighting effect
  • Comes standard with a 30-degree honeycomb grid to narrow the beam spread
  • Bowens Mount Ring Adapter

4. Durable and user-friendly

  • The Bowens mount ring adapter and leave fastener ensure firm and secure connection
  • 4 magnets,works with color gel frame is powerful enough to hold filters of varied thickness and material; the non-slip sponge cover feels comfortable while protecting fingers
  • The Honeycomb grid adapts powder spraying technology, which is anti-rust and high-temperature-resistant, also has a little label for quick removal and installation
  • The durable metal leaves also have black matte paint so that they do not rust; and the nylon bracket makes it a lightweight item to be carried around
  • User Manual for user to quickly get started

SmallRig RA-BD08 8-Leaf Barndoor is a professional light modifier. which allows the photographer to control light spread without changing its characteristics. Each leaf can be adjusted independently and rotated 360° to control and shape the light output. It comes standard with a 30-degree honeycomb grid, effectively narrowing beam spread. The color gel frame features four magnets for quick, stable installation of filters of different colors. And the Bowens mount ring adapter, Bowens mount COB lights compatible, can also support 18cm standard reflectors for multi-scene lighting purposes.

Work With

Bowens mount light

Packing List

8-leaf Barndoor x 1

Bowens Mount Ring Adapter x 1

Honeycomb Grid x 1

Color Gel Frame x 1

User Manual x 1

Technical Data

Unfolded Dimensions: 260.0 x 252.0 x 171.0mm

Folded Dimensions: 275.0 x 241.0 x 114.0mm

Honeycomb Grid Degree: 30°

Honeycomb Grid Dimensions: φ160.0mm

Inner Package Dimensions: 32.5 x 29.0 x 14.0cm (±0.5~1.0cm)

Product Weight: 1275.0 ± 5.0g

Gross Weight: 2000.0 ± 5.0g

Material(s): Aluminum(54%), Nylon(23%), Iron(22%), Copper(1%)

Warranty12 months

Package size: 33 x 29 x 29 cm

Package weight: 2.00 kg