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Amaran Spotlight SE 19º
Amaran Spotlight SE 19º
340.37 EUR excl VAT
Amaran Spotlight SE 19º
Code: APFO046A31
Availability: Expected delivery
340.37 EUR excl VAT
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Amaran Spotlight SE 19º

340.37 EUR excl VAT
truck-icon Free delivery to Econt office for orders over 100 BGN
Availability: Expected delivery
Code: APFO046A31
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Key features
Compact Bowens Mount Projection Lens
Transform Bowens Mount Point-Source Fixtures Into Spotlight Projectors
19º or 36º Lenses Available
Includes 15 M-Sized Gobo Inserts for Unique Light Projection Shapes
Custom Precision Optics
Quick Focus Adjustments
Even Edge-to-Edge Light Distribution
Durable All-Metal Construction
18-Leaf Iris Accessory Sold Separately
Compatible with Bowens Mount Point-Source Fixtures Up to 300W

The amaran Spotlight SE is amaran’s first projection lens modifier designed to elevate the performance of your amaran 150c or 300c. This compact optical modifier for Bowens Mount point-source fixtures (up to 300W) transforms your light into a powerful spotlight that can extend the reach of your illumination and produce an even, shapeable output.

The Spotlight SE comes with a choice of two lens options - 19º and 36º - allowing you to customize your lighting to suit your needs. With the 19º lens, the Spotlight SE focuses the light output into a tighter beam, resulting in a smaller and brighter illumination circle with further reach. Conversely, the 36º lens provides a larger beam spread, perfect for illuminating wider areas. And, to make sure you can adapt to any situation on the fly, you can easily swap between Spotlight SE's lens options (additional lenses sold separately).

With the internal shutters, you can easily and quickly shape the beam for precision lighting control. For additional shaping capabilities, the Spotlight SE also comes with 15 M-Size Gobo inserts, each one capable of creating a range of interesting lighting shapes, from tree and window pane to other shapes that can match any scene or environment. And, with the ability to focus your beam, you can create an incredibly diverse selection of lighting designs to take your content creation to the next level.

For even more flexibility, an M-Size 18-Leaf Iris (sold separately) can be combined with the shutters and gobos to quickly adjust the beam size. So, whether you're a seasoned indie filmmaker or a content creator just starting out, the amaran Spotlight SE is the perfect tool for anyone looking to take their lighting to the next level.

Mount: Bowens mount
Gobo Size: M-Size

Amaran 150c with Spotlight SE 19º
2500K: 1m - 18740 lux / 1741 fc; 3m - 2082 lux / 193 fc; 5m - 750 lux / 70 fc;
3200K: 1m - 20470 lux / 1902 fc ; 3m - 2274 lux / 211 fc ; 5m - 819 lux / 76 fc;
4300K: 1m - 22160 lux / 2059 fc ; 3m - 2477 lux / 230 fc; 5m - 906 lux / 84 fc;
5600K: 1m -  22330 lux / 2075 fc ; 3m - 2486 lux / 231 fc ; 5m - 913 lux / 85 fc; 
7500K: 1m - 23910 lux / 2221 fc ; 3m - 2657 lux / 247 fc; 5m - 956 lux / 89 fc;
Amaran 300c with Spotlight SE 19º
2500K: 1m - 21750 lux / 2021 fc; 3m - 2417 lux / 225 fc; 5m - 870 lux / 81 fc;
3200K: 1m - 23940 lux / 2224 fc; 3m - 2660 lux / 247 fc; 5m - 958 lux / 89 fc;
4300K: 1m - 26540 lux / 2466 fc; 3m - 3150 lux / 293 fc; 5m - 1067 lux / 99 fc;
5600K: 1m - 28560 lux / 2653 fc; 3m - 3380 lux / 314 fc; 5m - 1149 lux / 107 fc;
7500K: 1m - 27230 lux / 2530 fc; 3m - 3026 lux / 281 fc; 5m - 1089 lux / 101 fc

Shape of the lighting fixtureSpot
Size19º Lens Retracted: 26.8 x Ø10.2cm;
19º Lens Extended: 31.0 x Ø10.2cm;
Type of light shaping toolsSnoot
Weight1.45 kg

  • Spotlight SE x1
  • 19º Lens x1
  • M-Sized Gobo Holder x1
  • M-Sized Gobos x15
  • Carrying Strap x1
  • Carrying Case x1

Package size: 36 x 30 x 30 cm

Package weight: 3.50 kg