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Amaran Light Dome Mini SE
Amaran Light Dome Mini SE
70.29 EUR excl VAT
Amaran Light Dome Mini SE
Code: APL0010A30
Availability: Available on stock
70.29 EUR excl VAT
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Amaran Light Dome Mini SE

70.29 EUR excl VAT
truck-icon Free delivery to Econt office for orders over 100 BGN
Availability: Available on stock
Code: APL0010A30

Key features
Quick-Setup Compact Bowens Mount Octagonal Softbox
Diffuse and Soften Hard Point-Source Lighting Fixtures
Quick Release Rod Design For Fast Setup & Tear Down Time
Ultra Lightweight (730 gr)
8-Sided Construction
Deep Parabolic Design for Even Light Output
Silver Reflective Inner Lining Maximizes Light Output
1.5 Stop Front Diffusion Cloth
Included Inner Baffle
Universal Bowens Accessory Mount
Included Carrying Case

The Light Dome Mini SE is amaran’s first Bowens Mount soft light
modifier. It transforms point-source lighting fixtures such as the amaran 150c and 300c into a soft yet directional light source.

The Light Dome Mini SE maximizes soft light output by harnessing the shape of a deep parabolic softbox with an octagonal front design and highly reflective silver inner lining. This design allows for an even light output with a smooth luminance transition from the output’s center to its edges. This gives users the ability to evenly light subjects and large spaces without having to worry about hot spots.

Weighing in at only 0.73kg and coming with a quick release design, the Light Dome Mini SE is easy to carry and can be quickly deployed or taken down. Each support rod snaps into place and are quickly collapsible via release latches.

Featuring a universal Bowens Accessory Mount, the Light Dome Mini SE is compatible with point-source Bowens Mount fixtures like amaran’s COB series and is optimized for the 150c and 300c lights. In addition, the Light Dome Mini SE includes a soft carrying case that helps users keep their soft box safe during transportation and storage.

Amaran 150c
2500К: 1m - 2134 lux/198 fc; 3m - 218 lux/20 fc; 5m - 111 lux/10 fc;
3200К: 1m - 2328 lux/216 fc; 3m - 296 lux/27 fc; 5m - 121 lux /11 fc;
4300К: 1m - 2513 lux/233fc; 3m - 319 lux/30 fc; 5m - 130 lux/30 fc;
5600К: 1m - 2522 lux/234 fc; 3m - 320 lux/30 fc; 5m - 130 lux/12 fc;
7500К: 1m - 2703 lux/251 fc; 3m - 343 lux/32 fc; 5m - 139 lux/13 fc;
Amaran 300c
2500К: 1m - 3910 lux/363 fc; 3m - 496 lux/46 fc; 5m - 200 lux/19 fc;
3200К: 1m - 4310 lux/400 fc; 3m - 546 lux/51 fc; 5m - 219 lux /20 fc;
4300К: 1m - 4790 lux/445 fc; 3m - 606 lux/56 fc; 5m - 242 lux/24 fc;
5600К: 1m - 5150 lux/478 fc; 3m - 650 lux/60 fc; 5m - 260 lux/24 fc;
7500К: 1m - 4890 lux/454 fc; 3m - 618 lux/57 fc; 5m - 247 lux/23 fc;

Built: 58.0 x 34.0 x 21.5cm
Collapsed:19.0 x 19.0 x 46.5cm
1.5 Stop Diffusion Cloth Diameter: Ø44.5cm
Inner Baffle Diffusion Diameter: Ø55.0cm

CompatibilityContinual lighting with Bowens mount with maximum power up to 300W
Depth34 cm
Diameter58 cm

  • Light Dome Mini SE х1
  • 1.5 Stop Diffusion Cloth х1
  • Inner Baffle Diffusion х1
  • Carrying Case х1

Package size: 58 x 34 x 34 cm

Package weight: 1.08 kg