Atomos Ninja Cast - Your best assistant for live streaming and multicam production

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The Chef

The Ninja CAST is a mobile production studio in your pocket. If you have the cameras to make it happen then Ninja CAST gives you all the necessary ingredients to cook up an amazing video presentation. With 3 or 4 cameras attached you can switch between wide shots, close ups, overhead views and more. It’s super easy to add titles and logos to make your video look professional. Ninja CAST is easy to use and with the integrated monitor of Ninja V as well as external preview and program output options you can cue, switch & livestream with confidence.

– 3 x HDMI Camera inputs
– 1 x MAC/PC input (slideshow/video)
– Easily add custom titles, overlays and picture-in-picture
+ Audio: Embedded HDMI / Program follow options


The Gamer

Ninja CAST is a versatile option for anyone who wants to livestream. A compact TV studio in your pocket – just add cameras, console connect to your PC and go live! Gamers and Vloggers can take advantage of the 4 HDMI inputs to shoot multicam with affordable mirrorless and POV cameras, add a gaming signal via output from your gaming console/splitter, and even add other inputs via slideshows or pre-recorded contents from your Mac or PC. Easily switch the program signal, add features like Picture-in-Picture or graphic titles & overlays. The options are expansive and open up countless creative applications. The USB-C output from the Ninja CAST is ready to stream and once you’re connected you are ready to go live.

– 3 x HDMI Camera inputs
– 1 x Game/Console input (splitter for game loop through required)
– Easily add custom titles, overlays and picture-in-picture
+ Audio: Various options to suit your workflow


Beauty Guru

Take your video content to the next level with the Ninja CAST. Introduce multiple camera angles, add your own custom overlays and master picture-in-picture with a simple tap of a button. Ninja CAST gives you instant access to all the monitor assist tools of Ninja V – helping to ensure your image is crisp and exposure is correct. Ninja CAST also lets you send your program or preview signal to an external confidence monitor and simultaneously output the program to a large monitor for talent or crew viewing. Ninja CAST is livestream-ready via the USB-C output – just connect to your Mac or PC and you are ready to go live.

– 3 x HDMI Camera inputs
– 1 x MAC/PC input (slideshow/video)
– Easily add custom titles, overlays and picture-in-picture
Audio: Mic In or Audio can switch to follow the program out


Live Band & performance

Connect with your fans like never before. Ninja CAST gives you creative freedom for performance and live-streaming. With four cameras attached, you can cue & switch, while monitoring via the Ninja V display, as well as monitoring preview via Ninja V HDMI output and Program via the AtomX CAST HDMI output. Simultaneously record the live program channel to SSD for editing and sharing on other platforms. For the director and crew, Ninja CAST lets you select the option for multiview and use the ninja screen to monitor a single inputs to ensure focus and exposure is on point, via Ninja V’s professional monitoring tools. Frames guides, waveforms, focus peaking, false color, zebras and more.

– 3/4 x HDMI Camera inputs
– 1 x MAC/PC input (slideshow/video)
– Easily add custom titles, overlays and picture-in-picture
+ Audio: Analogue in via. 3.5mm jack from studio or stage mixer


Weddings, Parties, Anything.

Ninja CAST presents an almost unlimited amount of potential uses, from House of Worship and Live Events to Corporate Presentations and remote learning. Professional multicam productions, live switching and live-streaming is now even more accessible. Ninja CAST simplifies operation and can easily be used as a single operator or expanded to bring in a larger crew with the ability to add additional screens for a director and confidence monitoring for your talent. Ninja CAST is a compact all-in-one solution that easily fits in your camera bag and has you covered for multicam, streaming, recording and so much more. Discover Ninja V

– 4 x HDMI Camera inputs
– Easily add custom titles, overlays and picture-in-picture
+ Audio: multiple input options to cater for all uses


Configurable and adaptable

As AtomX CAST is so compact and versatile, users can easily work alone or with a team to enhance their productions. Solo operators can transport the Ninja CAST in a small backpack and then use it discreetly with compact mirrorless cameras for productions of any size. For larger setups, the Ninja V/V+ HDMI output can be used as a secondary output that can be set up as a duplicate program out, preview monitoring for the crew or talent, or to connect to a larger multiview display.

Versatile I/O allows for Program, Preview and more.

4 x HDMI In
FHD 1080 i/p

Web Ready

2 x HDMI Out
Program + Assignable

Program / Preview



Ready for advanced workflows

AtomX CAST connected to a Ninja V is a fully functional stand-alone switcher, but you can also use it with a computer for more advanced video work. In this mode, AtomX CAST and Ninja V does the heavy lifting, taking the load off your computer and reducing the likelihood of software crashes with dedicated external video processing.

Simply add AtomX CAST as a media source in OBS, X-Split and VMix to make use of the software application’s additional graphics and scene configuration while using the CAST for video input switching.

Stand out from the crowd

Using Ninja CAST with a camera that has a clean HDMI output and your choice of lens allows you to bring professional production values to any online video stream or meeting. Bring a cinematic look that is dramatically different from the image and impact of your message, putting yourself ahead of the crowd relying average webcam. Utilize the tool in the Ninja V to check your light, camera angles and sound, and you will soon be making professional quality video productions. Many older HD camcorder or photo cameras can output great looking video via its HDMI port, bringing new life to equipment you may already own and let multi-camera enhance your productions.