Metz has been developing and manufacturing its products in Germany for over 70 years, making it one of the longest established consumer electronics companies in Germany. With quality that is evident down to the finest detail and perfectly thought-out innovations, Metz develop high-quality products which are made for the future.

At Metz, quality starts even before manufacturing. Before processing, the materials that are delivered are subjected to a thorough inspection and are checked for the parameters that are important in processing. Through the systematic monitoring of critical processes – e.g. through melt index and colour measurements – there are constant improvements in the production process, thus guaranteeing stability in procedures.

Last but not least - long-lasting products are more environmentally friendly

Metz products meet the demands of tomorrow, today. And in this, protecting the environment also plays a central role. As early as the product development phase, they look for energy-efficient and environmentally-compatible solutions which make use of recycled materials.